Nic Getkate

20 Non-Bullshit Newsletters That Make Up My Content Diet.

As I said in my newsletter, I subscribed to bunch of crap that didn't really mean much to me nor could provide me any value. This lead me to take a long hard look at the 180+ newsletters I subscribed to and zeroed that number down to 20 that I meticulously read.

Here is the list in no particular order. - Just click on a blog post and you should see a subscribe button at the bottom also....his post are very infrequent, but worth it!

Wait, but why?


More To That

Austins Newsletter


The 3-2-1 Newsletter

Dense Discovery

Hacker News Digest

Digging the Digital - Heads ups! This newsletter is entirely in Dutch


The Browser



Story & Telling

The Daily Stoic

The Art of Manliness

Land of Random

Wellness & Wisdom

Melting Asphalt

The Anti-Newsletter

Bonus: The Slice

- 40 toasts