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The now and what's to come.

If you are here, its probably because you came from my newsletter or because of the discovery feed. (lets hope it was both)

Anyways...compliments of the season to you and congrats, you have made it though the flaming dumpster fire that was 2020. Let's hope we can look forward to greener and brighter pastures in 2021. I decided to write a little blog post about what's currently on my mind, what I want to do and what you can expect as we enter 2021.

Where is The Slice going?

Its funny actually. The first ever draft of the slice was actually going to be about tech news in Asia lol. Anyways fast forwards to now, its doing pretty good. It hasn't changed, but I will say that it has "evolved" from mainly focusing on bootstrapped tools to productivity, SaaS, tech, thought leadership and actionable content that make you a more competent person/freelancer/founder or what ever you are trying to do and how each of these topics intersect one another. That's the direction of where I want The Slice to go.

I won't lie. lately its been very difficult to even describe that, but I think that hits the sweet spot.

Where TF are the gifs??

As you may have noticed, I decided to commit blasphemy and remove the gifs from The Slice 😭 Don't worry there was actually a good reason for this, BUT, I have left the top gif due to popular demand.

Reason being, deliverability and size. Fun fact, did you know that if an email is over 102 KB, it gets cut. Basically Gmail will be like "nah fam" and half your email suddenly disappears into thin air. Quite honestly, I would actually like to keep all of them, but I think just having the one will suffice and will drastically reduce the size of newsletter, which is actually a good thing because that means it will load faster.

Also decided to give a few of the section titles a bit love as they were pretty meh and boring to say the least. I wanted to be direct and too the point which seems to fit quite nicely in issue #029.

"For those that haven't yet subscribed, here is the latest issue."

The Sunday newsletter.

This is an idea that I have been flirting with for quite some time now, but its finally going to come life (I hope).

Well...what is it?

It's going to be a bonus, column styled newsletter with no bullshit, no ads, just words, that will get sent out every Sunday on my thoughts, opinions, ,my learnings and experiences. Totally optional, but need to map out a workflow of how I'm going to that.

Work life.

Seeing that its a new year, that means I'm also actively seeking some new clients I can take on for some small projects. So if you're lost for words, why not hire a copywriter that can help you find them!

Say hi and we can chat if you're interested in working with me.

This is also, ironically enough, the year that I also want to turn my back on being a freelance copywriter and break into the space of IT, specifically networking and cybersecurity. So I've made myself a 6 month goal and that is to get these certifications,

CompTia A+

CompTia Network+

CompTia Security+

Pretty stoked actually, but will hold thumbs.


So far, the year has started off pretty good with no fuck ups just yet (touch wood) and lets hope it stays that way.

Stay positive, and I hope you guys test negative.

Nic ❤️

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