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Optimizing Your Content Diet

One of the first things that I did at the beginning of this year was go though the entire list of people who I followed on Twitter (840+) and started clicking the unfollow button.

I was never a big Twitter user. I only really started using it last year, but I can honestly say that being more active on Twitter was one of the best things I did last year...but on the other spectrum, Twitter can also be a hellscape of absolute bullshit and a fuckery of useless noise. I mean....I'm not saying that everyone I unfollowed tweets crap all day, no!

It's that I want to optimise my own "content diet" or carefully handpick the content that I consume.

A few days ago, I came across this tweet and it perfectly sums up my point and why you need to take a good hard look at the who you follow, and the type of content that you allow into your diet of information.

Here is why you should optimise your Twitter feed.

When you choose who you follow, you ultimately choose what your future thoughts are going to be.

How you think and how you view the world has a direct correlation to the content that you consume.

Following creative people that add value to your life, will eventually mould you into a creative person that could add value in other peoples lives.

I stopped using Facebook altogether because of this. Instagram is a little harder for me to kick, but I'll get there eventually. Twitter actually makes it easy easier to control whats in your feed, but with Facebook and Instagram, it's all just one algorithm, feeding you a medley of bullshit.

This is what also attracts me to newsletters. You can choose which newsletters you want to follow, which to consume and which to not consume. Btw, if you want a list of newsletter that I recommend, take a look at this thread to get you started

Ending off, optimize your content diet and it will do wonders for you.

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